Tornado Comics Contest

For all those Tornado Comic Fans...
There is going to be a Contest..The prize is:
Your Comic on this website.
The Contest rules are:
-The comics must only be one page no more no less.
If you want to enter you MUST send me an email to
so i know who will be entering.
Also to enter you will have to scan your comic into your scanner/printer and send it to our email.
It will be closing on june 13th 2011.
Thank you and good luck 
Tomasz Glod

Hobo With A ShotGun,Osama Edition



Hello all you Tornados its Me and my co-worker just writing on more information on the game.
Here are some few bits of info on our "Game"
-All rights are RESERVED 
-For Windows Users Only
-Ipod Touch/Iphone App will be coming out MUCH later than next year
-The Game will be Free
-You make your own comic on our "Game"

If you have anymore questions we have the answers 
e-mail me the questions at

Yours Trully
Stipe and Tomasz
CEO and Admins of Tornado Comics.

Tornado Comics Game

Hello all you Tornado Comics Fans!
Thank you so much for your outstanding support!
Our website has gone all over the entire GLOBE example Russia France United Kingdom Indoniesia And the USA.
Anyway our so called "Game" will be really about just well Tornado Comics "Game". It will be available here online on our new page called "Tornado Comics."  
The "Lite" Version for Windows Users will be coming out Monday June 13th 2011 and the "Ipod Touch/Iphone" app will be coming out around next year.
If you would like a sneak Preview of our app for Windows users please send me an email to

And I will be sending them out ASAP 

If you have any ideas for more comics/"Game" please email me Thank You
Tomasz Glod 
CEO and Admin of Tornado Comics  Inc.

JB vs. HM

To all you viewers thank you for all your support!!! Weve got 6 views in IRAN!!!! But were also have to say that were sorry for not putting on the part II but dont worry we are going to put it on soon

Tomasz Glod
CEO and Admin. of Tornado Comics Inc.